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Pinto Muay Thai About Our Instructors

Danny Pinto

Owner & Head Coach

Is an active Professional Muay Thai fighter here in the Las Vegas area.

Coach Danny is ranked #7 with WBC Muay Thai in the USA. His combined MT record is 15-4-0. He has been training and fighting for over 18 years and has trained and fought in Thailand several times. Danny’s lineage is from Hall of famer Kru Will “The Bull ” Sriyapai and Chaz “No Mercy ” Mulkey. Coach Danny made his professional debut in Thailand in 2017 and Pro USA debut in 2018. Pintos’ coaching style is more laid back while his fighting style is aggressive, with heavy elbows and a masterful clinch. Coach Danny’s active fighting status makes him a student of the game just like all of you.

Pinto Muay Thai About Our Instructors

Coach “Kru” Sean

Muay Thai Coach

Got his “Kru” certification from Master Toddy many years ago.

Kru Sean owned his own gym “Alliance Muay Thai” where all of our PMT coaches trained. He is well respected in the Muay Thai community and has over two decades of experience coaching champions from all over the world- Coach Danny being one of them. Kru Sean is known for his heavy boxing, quick counters and fast pace. Creating the perfect balance to Coach Danny’s more traditional style. Kru Sean’s military style coaching will make you feel accomplished after a tough session! *Kru Sean is currently available for PT, semi PT and small group sessions.

Pinto Muay Thai About Our Instructors

Coach Suzy


Suzy runs day to day operations here at PMT, she is our fight team manager, and our social media manager.

She has been a student of Muay Thai for over 16 years and has had several fights as an amateur.

Coach Suzy is the Juniors and Teens Coach and substitutes for various classes here when needed.

Suzy is proud to be Coach Danny’s manager, nutritionist and competition pad holder.


Pinto Muay Thai About Our Instructors

Coach Harold

PMT Fighter

Harold is the USMTO West Fall 2022 Class B Champion.

Harold has been training for over ten years, his current record is 5-3 as an amateur. We have several fights lined up for Harold back to back to finish out this year. Harold’s lineage started with Kru Sean at Alliance Muay Thai and then started with us at PMT in 2020 during the pandemic- out of our garage. During that time Danny took the time to fine tune Harold’s teaching and pad holding skills. Harold’s fighting style is technical and exciting while his teaching style is more laid back and detailed. *Coach Harold is currently available for PT, semi PT and small group sessions.

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Our History

Daniel Pinto and Suzie Angel operate Pinto Muay Thai to share the sport throughout their community and the US as it continues to gain popularity outside of Thailand.

Muay Thai saved Daniel Pinto by giving him a healthy pastime that changed his lifestyle and gave him a lifelong passion. For Suzie it gave her a reason to stay motivated and build confidence. They first pursued their dream by starting a gym out of their garage, without expecting the positive feedback they received. In 2021 they officially opened the doors to an official location for Pinto Muay Thai. They’ve had tremendous growth since then – from 15 students in their garage to over 148 members at their current school. Daniel and Suzie are actively looking to expand their current location within the year to meet the growing demands of Muay Thai’s popularity.

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