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If you’re looking for a traditional Muay Thai gym in Henderson, Nevada then Pinto Muay Thai is your place to be. Our friendly training community offers a balance between competition and teamwork. We are determined to provide a positive Muay Thai experience and grow the sport in the process. Devoted to every student’s improvement, we take time to evaluate your strengths and develop your skills. Be a part of Pinto Muay Thai and we’ll help you chase your dreams.

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About Us:

Pinto Muay Thai was founded on passion and hard-earned skill. We’ve only been open for two years, yet we’ve already been named one of the top 10 Muay Thai gyms in the US Open National Tournament. Owner and head instructor Daniel Pinto is a pro fighter with a fresh perspective on Muay Thai. While Daniel is incredibly talented and is ranked #7 by the World Boxing Council, he still brings in guest coaches to supplement the learning experience. These elite coaches hold free classes for members and expose our students to a variety of techniques. Our welcoming environment doesn’t stop there though – we also hold seminars for the community and host other gyms in our space.

Our History:

Daniel Pinto and Suzie Angel operate Pinto Muay Thai to share the sport throughout their community and the US as it continues to gain popularity outside of Thailand. Muay Thai saved Daniel Pinto by giving him a healthy pastime that changed his lifestyle and gave him a lifelong passion. For Suzie it gave her a reason to stay motivated and build confidence. They first pursued their dream by starting a gym out of their garage, without expecting the positive feedback they received.

Why It's Important

We are a passionate group of quality trainers and champion fighters. It is our goal to guide you through your Muay Thai journey ensuring you are learning proper technique and fundamentals and having fun along the way. Join the Pinto Muay Thai team and be a part of the movement!
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Providing you with a reliable group of people who uplift and encourage you, Muay Thai training won’t just improve your strength, but also your mental health.

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Martial arts keep individuals in top condition for traditional sports and daily life. Muay Thai, aka The Art of 8 Limbs, utilizes fists, knees, elbows, and legs to achieve balance.

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Pinto Muay Thai is rooted in passion for spreading the benefits of martial arts and self-defense training.

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Our head instructor is nationally recognized while our academy holds 10 championship belts. We ensure a top-quality Muay Thai instruction at Pinto Muay Thai.

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We’re passionate about providing evolved Muay Thai training and a fresh perspective on technique.

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